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Hello (◠‿◠✿) ! My name is Fer! A Mexican girl that love: Anime, Pokemon, Adventure time , Cute Things,Steven Universe ,Art, Animals ,Pewdiepie, How to train your dragon, Gravity Falls,Vidio Games,Food, and more.

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Swinging Cat

Y’all say that Kisumi looks like Rei and Nagisa’s love child, but have you considered this?

My love life.
I M P O R T A N T !!!


HEY GUYS tumblr user adventuretime-friends has been constantly re-posting artwork of other’s and watermarking it as their own. 

Please do me a huge favor and report them!! Also please reblog this to signal boost! This is really important. Even if you don’t like Adventure Time, it would be great if you could help some artists out and try to get this blog to either credit the proper owners or delete their content.

Art theft is never at all okay.